The revolution has reached almost any sexual orientation. Everything is fine and normal these days, except what obviously is illegal because the parties are not in a position to consent. 

Homosexuality, transpeople, gangbangs, cuckolding, wife-swapping. Nobody cares nor shouldn’t. But in my experience there is a last frontier – young men and older women. The stigma is still strong and I am quite willing to admit that I am not unaffected; that I at least have had shame around me dating younger men. I am slowly accepting myself though, on all levels of life, not just the sexual. And that is key. Because as long as one has not come to terms with oneself, nobody else will.

I am often approached by young men who would love to meet me, but in secret. Who want nothing else than a curvy body and someone with both life- and sexual experiences, but they are terrified of society’s judgement. Why is that? 

Advantages on age difference

There are a number of good reasons for this cross-generational combination:

  • After 25 years in a monogamous relationship, I am keen to live my bodily life to the fullest again. Younger men have a high sexdrive and last longer. We are very compatible. 
  • Since my period is almost over, I can’t get pregnant anymore. Historically, children as a consequence of female lust has been a harsh and dangerous reality. Child birth was a life threatening business before we developed good health care, and still is in many countries. 
    The Pill has done a lot for women’s freedom but before that, I don’t think it’s such a wild guess that young men did have sex with menopaused women on a larger scale than we know. 
  • The male role expects men to be active and dominant. For the psyche to be integrated, it has to have a balance. The level of authentic dominance, demands the ability to surrender totally. That is the paradox. It’s not weakness, it’s the highest strength. But a man will only surrender to someone superior to him, and women his age seldom are. I am not speaking of physical dominance only, even if there are interesting learnings in for example being strapped on by a woman. Nailed down, playing with taboos (and why is that a taboo?). Surrender via the body. But you who loves my stories also know what mental dominance does. How it soothes a rushing monkey mind. How you rest in trust that someone else knows what you need a little better than yourself.

Next blogpost: why there still is a stigma

So there are several really good and logical reasons for having MILF-encounters. And a quick search on any porn site also shows the demand for mature sexuality – so why is there such a stigma around it? I will explore that in my next blogpost. Just a hint – women’s lust is societal dynamite...