Fine Erotica Photography

Let me photograph you in this light…

I have been taking photographs on and off for about 15 years, but it’s only recently I turned the camera on myself. It has been quite an empowering journey.

To view my body as an object in the sense that it is just as taking a photo of a tree or a dog.

I have detatched the critical voice that as for many women, has been so harsh on how I look. But hey, it’s just a stomach, a thigh, a breast.

And it really isn’t just that, because the response from others has also made a difference. People who find me sexy; who enjoy what they see. It is a new experience, to share and to be appreciated in a positive and loving way. 

Most importantly though: I don’t just see at as a personal boost but a celebration to femininty. To the curvy body as a human expression.

So I do see myself as an object, but also a subject of worship of something that transcends my tits and ass.

If you find that too philosophical, it’s ok to just enjoy and be inspired as is 🙂

Do you want to be photographed by me? Your gender is not important. I want to see your lust, your expansion, your playfulness.

I mainly operate in Stockholm, Sweden but let me know if you have any ideas on settings elsewhere. Art comes first! 

/ K

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