…keeps the doctor away.

Loving one’s own body is the best way to enjoy good sex with others. When in control of orgasms I can better choose the pace of love making. Not come too fast or too late – or not at all (some partners just don’t deserve my nectar). But above all, I am free in bed.

I know that this sweet body of mine is capable of amazing things, and that means I am not feeling ashamed or restricted by being naked in front of somebody else. That is a mindset that releases us both (or 3,4,5 or however many that are involved…tihi) I have carried a child, overcome a painful back injury, had covid without any major sufferings etc. Think about all things your body does for you daily. Carry home food, walk you to the bus, letting you enjoy somebody’s soft hands on your skin.

Make sure ju keep your centre of pleasure active. Enjoy yourself. Breathe heavily. Touch all parts of you. Love your fluids. Love life and it will reflect back with love to you <3