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You being on this hidden page means that you are taking the time to help me creating the best work that I can. That is really valuable to me! Thank you!

Being what I call a Virgin Reader means that you are reading my story before it is being published. You may share your honest review of it in your social (media) circles, and you may do it directly to me via the form below.

I may use your quotes, and if applicable and ok with you – link to your social media.

Since I am writing steamy erotica, some of my readers don’t want others to know what they enjoy, and that is quite fine by me – hey! I am writing under a pen-name so I totally get it 🙂

But to be able to use your feedback, we may use just a nickname like “26 year old man from USA” or “Anonymous in New Delhi” so please write what would be suitable.

Normally, we would also e-mail each other but if you don’t feel comfortable with revealing your e-mail address just fill in the below contact form without it.

You just write whatever comes to mind after reading – if it is comments about the writing style, what you think about the characters and settings or how many orgasm you had… 🙂

On the right you get the story “MILF Diaries – The Waterboy and me” in pdf-format for reading, and the audio version for listening if you prefer that.

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