Mia and Mr Tigher

A hot romance novel

The Fairytale Boy and Me

He comes to my woman cave for dinner but we end up in a cottage in the woods far away from home. He’s name is Kevin, half my age, an elite hockeyplayer and someone’s boyfriend. He loves fairytales, at least those his favourite MILF tells him.

Like when he breastfeeds like a lamb and I grab him by the neck and eat him the Big Bad Wolf-way. Or when I let seven unknown dwarves play with my mature body in a dark parkinglot. My oh my…what a cuck-tale of love in this dirty Snow White.

And finally, when we are all alone and I tie him down like Gulliver, and use him for our mutual pleasure, neither of us want this saga to end…

The Water Boy and Me

In this kinky adventure I meet with Frank, a young man who really ignites my motherly instincts and I love him so much even when he wants to go hardcore, already on our first encounter. I don’t mind though. All what’s mine is his…

Our first meeting begins in my tub, me bathing him. But when his lusts take over and he misbehaves, I have to strap-punish his pretty little bum. He doesn’t mind though…

This boy and I also share another dirty little kink, so the night ends where it started – in the bathroom, me making him all wet…

The Kennel Boy and Me

Daniel dreams of spreading his seed beyond his fancy married middle class life. And not as a man but as the girl that lives within him. I am always helpful so in order to find willing women I set up a website where he is advertised as the breeding animal he is.

A lesbian couple and us met up for a crazy night of sissification, spanking (I had to sort one of the ladies out) and finally the other, not so clever bimbo-girl, was filled with Daniels love load. Afterwards, he was all mine for me and my bossom to enjoy.

The Museum Boy and Me

Adam and I have a special mental connection. I always thought that I led him, but the truth is he taught me a lot of skills without me realizing it.

So when we finally meet, this femdom guru is treated exactely the way he loves it. My toes in his warm mouth under the glassed atrium of the National Gallery. Him on his knees, exploring my feminin masterpiece.

And next door, in a hotel room – none of us anticipated that a hot and horny sommelier girl would join our “Venus in Furs”- games.

The Hotel Boy and Me

I am on a book signing tour, not looking for adventures. But the nightporter Michael sweeps me off my feet as he takes charge of my body and mind in a raw but intimate way.

He’s half my age but I become his little girl, crawling on the floor begging to please him. This daddy is hard but fair, so when I end up in his flat, I let all my inhibitions go and give myself to his firm manhood

The Dom Boy and Me

Gabriel is danger. Handsome, rich and smart but dangerous. And still I sign the contract where I waive all rights to sue him no matter what happens during the 24 hours he will have me in his grip. Because I want to go to hell and back with him. And we do. To release both of our souls. He needs me, I him

But the violence is profound. Crimes are taking place as he degrades me, beats me, waterboards me. And I pay back with my dirt… His psychopathy blends with my empathy but the morning after, as he falls asleep in my arms, we are finally balanced.

The Nature Boy and Me

Amir breaks my heart. We had gone souldeep online before we finally met at the international airport and we were off to celebrate my birthday in the North.

Already at the first minute, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, dispite the fear of judging eyes. Not only was is he half my age, but also from the Middle East, a combination some people’s small minds find hard to process.

But in the cottage by the mountain, our love flourish unrestrainedly when I take him on the floor and him me the same way. Little did I know that he was engaged elsewhere, a victim of traditions – and he would love me and leave me. My last gift to him was to cut him off so coldly that he wouldn’t miss us.

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